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Camellia Twigs

Camellia Twigs is an initiative to create a space where customer can touch, feel experience a range of premium teas in a comfortable & cosy setup. Creating an ambience for the customer to spend time learning and exploring tea & its benefits.

Started in year 2012 AD Camellia Twigs yearns to carve a space out of the strong café’ domain prevailing in India & bring back Tea onto the discussion tables.

Tea, already a state drink in Assam, has a great potential to become Indian national Drink. Camellia Twigs is a step in that direction.

Products : A range of Tea, Tea-ware available in its flag-ship store in Delhi, in select retail, and also online through its portal. Camellia Twigs focuses on whole leaf, broken leaf orthodox and vintage tea selection from handful of niche organic gardens from India, China & Japan.

Services : Camellia Twigs extends tea-servings in a lounge setup and also endeavours to open up easy access to its range of teas & teawares through in-store retail, multi-format retail outlets and online sales.

About Owners : Camellia Twigs boasts to have experienced team from diverse field like manufacturing, packaging, services and most important Tea Industry vetrans working together. An enthusiastic team with a sole moto to bring around the joy of tea drinking and revive the tea-culture which is loosing foot to other drinks like soda & alcoholic beverages. Our objective is to bring the young, old, executive all alike to healthy habit of tea drinking